Why Barcode scanner for web scans only qr code?

I have implemented expo camera and for android and IOS is working fine but for web scans only qr code

<View style={styles.cameraContainer}>
          <Camera style={[styles.camera, styles.centeredView]} flashMode={flash} type={type} autoFocus={Camera.Constants.AutoFocus.auto} 
            onBarCodeScanned={scanned ? undefined : handleBarCodeScanned}
              barCodeTypes: [BarCodeScanner.Constants.BarCodeType.ean13, BarCodeScanner.Constants.BarCodeType.upc_e, BarCodeScanner.Constants.BarCodeType.qr]

It’s due beacouse in node_modules/expo-camera/src/useWebQRScanner.ts there is this

if (parsed?.data) {
    const nativeEvent: BarCodeScanningResult = {
      type: 'qr',
      data: parsed.data,
    if (parsed.location) {
      nativeEvent.cornerPoints = [
    return nativeEvent;

Hi @a.trotta

I’m not sure, but I suppose you might be able to use another barcode scanner on the web. e.g. zbar.wasm - npm

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