Why are there no working examples

I am brand new to Expo. I was quite keen on getting started but I am now a bit baffled that every Example App that is offered to run - with a notice that the authors wrote the app with a previous version and that they would have to update.
Why are these examples even offered? Is there something I can do from my side to get them to work? Are there other lists of examples that I can find that will work for today’s current version of Expo?

hello! it just happens that people publish something and then don’t update it over time. we move forward with new sdk releases and drop sdks that are more than 6 versions old so it is inevitable that this will happen. where are the examples “offered” exactly? we can fix those. there are some projects on the site that you can find by searching, we’ll likely remove projects from search results because it can lead to this kind of confusion. very curious to know how you end up at these projects though!

The projects are offered by Expo site and web application upon installing the software (or testing the web version). No search required - they are simply there on the website upon install in clear view - yet not one of them even works. Does this also mean that any software that we generate with this software will fail to work in the very near future?

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