White status bar while loading the splash screen [Android]


Building the apk, when the splash screen is loading, a white bar appears (you can see it in the image).

Using Expo Go the white bar does not appear.

Expo sdk: 44
expo-splash-screen: ~0.14.1

I tried updating to expo sdk 45 and updating the splash screen but the issue persists.

Can you help me? Thank you

Hey @tatianao, seems like the Splash screen image file is unable to maintain the aspect ratio. You can update the resizeMode value to cover in app.json file:

  "expo": {
  "splash": {
      "resizeMode": "cover",

You can also read more about this property in the Expo docs.

I have that configuration in my app.json, but the problem persists

“splash”: {
“resizeMode”: “cover”,
“mdpi”: “./assets/images/android/splash-mdpi.png”,
“hdpi”: “./assets/images/android/splash-hdpi.png”,
“xhdpi”: “./assets/images/android/splash-xhdpi.png”,
“xxhdpi”: “./assets/images/android/splash-xxhdpi.png”,
“xxxhdpi”: “./assets/images/android/splash-xxxhdpi.png”

This was working fine, but suddenly the white bar appeared

Can you retry by adding the backgroundColor property? When the backgroundColor value is different than white or ‘#fff’ (which is the default color), you will have to set the value of the property with same color value you used to create splash screen image.

For example:

"splash": {
  "resizeMode": "cover"
  "backgroundColor": set the value of your backgroundColor here
  // ... rest of the properties