White screen in Expo app (iPhone 8+ / iOS 11.0.3)

Hi, I ported an Android app to iOS + Expo today.

I used Expo XDE on my Windows PC machine. I copied over the .js files and used npm to make sure all the needed libraries were in place.

So I successfully published and fixed all the errors that were presented to me.

But now, when I scan the QR code for my published app on expo.io (using the Expo app on my iPhone), all I get is a white screen.

That’s all I see. Is there anyway to debug this? Are there any logs?


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hey, a few rapid fire questions:

  • is anything showing up in xde?
  • is the app loading successfully, and then showing a white screen, or does it crash?
  • what does your App.js file look like?

Same issue here. Did you find out what the problem was? The app appears to crash since I can’t do force touch to go back to Home of EXPO app :confused:

@matheusbaumgart I’d usually recommend trying to run your app in the client without development mode on, and see what errors you might get.

Deleted the App. Turned the phone off. Waited 2 minutes. Turned phone on and Re/installed the App. It may fix iPhone white screen problem. If the method don’t work, you can try RecoveryTool Fix Recovery.