Which standalone version uses which release channel?

I’m currently setting up multiple release channels for our app. But I was wondering, how do I keep track which built standalone app version uses which release channel?

I define a unique build number for every standalone build using buildNumber for ios and versionCode for android in app.json. What I would need is a mapping of these build numbers to a release channel. I know there is the “publish:history” command, but these infos are not connected to the build numbers that are visible in the developer consoles of Google and Apple.

Hi! I know you mentioned already having look at the publish:history command, but would the publicationId be what you’re looking for?

Hi and thanks for your reply.

I don’t think publicationId is what I’m looking for or at least I dont know how it can help me in my case.

In my Apple Developer Center I see all the standalone builds of my app. But each build only has the buildNumber associated with it, not the publicationId or any other information as I see it. So how do I know which of the builds displayed in the Apple Developer Center uses which release channel?

As an example lets say I build and upload the follow builds to apple via expo:

  • v1.0.0, buildNumber 1, channel default
  • v1.0.0, buildNumber 2, channel staging

In the Apple UI I then see two builds for v1.0.0, with build numbers 1 and 2 but no further information connectable to any expo channel. I also will see two entries via publish:history. But how do I know afterwards without remembering which build uses which release channel?

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