Which is the daily (or monthly) limit of the Expo's Push API

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 34
  2. Platforms: iOS and Android

Which is the daily (or monthly) limit of Push Notifications that the EXPO Push API can perform?

Related question: Is there a recommended service once that limit is reached?


Hey @lmuntaner,

We do not have a set limit (either daily or monthly). Do you have a rough estimation of the amount you anticipate to be sending?


Hey! Thanks for the reply.

At the moment I’d say we are sending 100 a day.

We are growing and I would like to anticipate when I should start the development of this migration.

I have an application which sends around 240,000 notifications a week. So 100 a day should be no problem.

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Ok, that’s great! I won’t worry about this for quite some time then… :slight_smile:

When do you think you might reach the point to switch? Any idea?

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