Which Expo CLI command to update iOS certifications

I ran into a similar issue as [solved] Push notifications problem for iOS: InvalidCredentials: The APNs credentials must specify (key, keyId, teamId).... It is marked as solved. I was hoping to get more information on the resolution. That thread is closed and therefore I can’t comment on it. Could someone share more details on the specific command that should be used to update the iOS credentials (and making sure the Team ID gets properly set)? For what it’s worth, I would also be curious to know if the Expo team plan on fixing the web app so we don’t have to rely on the CLI for this update? Thanks a lot.

cc @corobimydzisiaj @wodin

Hey @gduverger, you can run expo credentials:manager to handle any actions you need to take regarding credentials for either platform. As for the web interface, can you describe what is happening?