Which built in API is best for drawing charts/graphs

So im building a financial app that shows stock prices, so im wanting to show a candlestick chart.
Ill need it to be draggable and zoomable too

I have built one using the Expo SVG library but im finding it has

  1. poor performance drawing 600 candles worth of shapes (each candle is 3 shapes so 1800 paths)
  2. when I scale it, it starts to get blurry in some parts.

This obviously could just be me and my inexperience so before I continue on trying to make it better was wondering is SVG actually the best option

I see in the Expo SDK I have the ability to use

  1. Open GL via GLView
  2. ART
  3. Processing.js via GLView
  4. Three.js (this seems overkill)

Processing.js from the bit ive read seems to be geared towards data visualisations so im thinking that might be better?
Just a little lost on this one because I would have thought SVG would be the way to go as it can be infinitely scaled without losing its crispyness but im not finding that at all.

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