Which ads network can I use with Expo, I don't want to use admob

Hi, I have searched the web for different ads network to use with an expo project but I don’t seem to find any work to use as they all require I configure my xml file or some files which I can’t see on my editor.

I am using Visual Studio Code

you can use basically any one you want. some may require a config plugin to use (for the xml configuration and so on). which one do you want to use?

I want to use applovin they seem to support react native but I the docs is confusing.

I actually wanted to use startapp before but they don’t support react native expo, only flutter

Actually I am looking for one that supports expo

GitHub - juanamd/react-native-startapp: React Native implementation of Startapp ads SDK it looks like someone made a react native wrapper for it. you can use that in expo managed apps using development builds. more info Introduction - Expo Documentation

basically any react native library works with development builds.


I’ve seen this already before asking on the forum.

The problem is that there is no npm package for this.

I don’t know how to use it cause there is no installation guideline

You can install npm packages directly from GitHub like this:

yarn add "github:juanamd/react-native-startapp#f95f93c617c42307d127ce8df5ec966178c635ae"

(I specified the latest commit ID, but you could leave that off to get whatever happens to be latest when you install it.)

See also: How to install an npm package from GitHub directly - Stack Overflow

Since there are no install instructions there’s a good chance that it will just work as long as you build with eas build -p android. It will not work in Expo Go, but you can build a custom dev client to use instead of Expo Go.

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Wow thanks @wodin I’ll check this out & get back to you to know if it works.

Thanks alot

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I tried the startapp stuff & was successfully able to install it.

However, I couldn’t get it to work.

The lack of proper documentation was an huge setback.

I think I’ll post a new question on ads network that work with the latest sdk(apart from admob)

The lack of support for ads networks is really a draw back

I have not needed this sort of thing before, so I can’t recommend anything personally, but as long as an ad network supports React Native, or someone has written a React Native wrapper for the ad network’s SDK, it should be possible to use with Expo. Some of them will require more work than others, though.


Thanks alot

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