Where to ask for technical support regarding expo?

I noticed that most of the time, questions on this forum go unanswered and are locked after some time. Is it that this is not the place to ask for technical support? If yes, Is there a place that is more suited for it?

This is the place to ask, or else you could try Slack:

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Hey @divone,

Sorry that you feel that way. There is some handoff that goes along with forums support and sometimes things can fall through the cracks. We try our best to make sure that this doesn’t happen but the reality of situation is that it does. Additionally, the regressions with SDK39’s release required a lot of our focus and prioritization to shift to that.

Our forums are the best place to ask questions for dedicated Expo team support. The community slack provides a place that others in the community can lend a hand but we don’t officially provide support, though some of the team will occasionally chime in. For reproducible bugs, our Github repo’s issues is the place to go.


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Thanks for the detailed info. I suspected that it was a problem of manpower more than anything else, but I wanted to make sure there wasn’t some super active spot that I was missing out on :slight_smile:.

If anything, it would be nice to not lock posts so fast, it is particularly frustrating to get your post locked without any answer, removing any chance that someone with an answer will come down the line.

Especially when you find a few months old post with exactly your problem, no answer, and locked.

Who knows, maybe someone could have posted an answer after 2 months, not helping the original poster, but life-saving for the other readers.

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StackOverflow is another place you could ask. For project-specific help, just like most other technologies, you might find the most luck hiring someone who can help out.