Where is the SQLite database on Android Studio emulator

Everywhere I look (Stack Overflow, Google, Android Studio docs) claim that I can see my app SQLite db by using the Device File Explorer, under data/data/“app-name”.

But my app name doesn’t appear in data/data!

I see host.exp.exponent, but it is “not debuggable” and refuses to show me anything.

I am on a Mac, and can easily find the iOS db. Just not the Android emulator.

Does anyone know how I can use my SQLite tool to view my Android emulator database?

Thank you

Helloooooo??? I can’t be the only person looking for the expo DB on the Android simulator… can someone help me please?

Still a question - does anyone know where the SQLite db lives in the Android emulator world? There have been over 100 people who have looked at this plea, so I’m not the only enquiring mind…

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I also have the same question. How do I find the SQL lite db on my Android emulator?

Have you had any luck? Feels like we’re yelling into the void here. I may try the Slack channel…

Nope I haven’t heard from or found an answer yet. I think the slack channel idea is a good one.

I didn’t see it in there, so have posted the questions. Will let you know .