Where Can I See Docs About SSR?

I found that SSR is supported from sdk35, but I cannot find docs about it. The only one related I found was how to use Expo for Web with next.js.

I am trying to implement SSR with express.js, and using AppRegistry from ‘react-native-web’, but it does not work. It throws an error: “missing initializer in const declaration” I have no idea if I am following the right way. Is there any guidance for SSR with Expo for Web? Hopefully without next.js.

Don’t know about docs, but this looks potentially relevant:

Since Expo Web is based on react-native-web, maybe react-native-web’s SSR guide can help?

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I had no idea how to apply that to my case.
I eventually decided to do SSR with my Django app.

Thank you for your reply!

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