When will FileSystem add more directories?

I want to port my Cordova app to React Native using Expo. My app currently stores files that the user should not see in the cordova.file.dataDirectory which equates to "app-uuid/Library/NoCloud/" on iOS or "app-id/files/" on Android as shown here.

According to the latest Expo FileSystem docs (and the code), the only directories that I can access with Expo are the cacheDirectory or the user-accessible documentDirectory.

My app needs to work reliably offline, so I can’t use the cacheDirectory to store captured (and resized) images and other data the user shouldn’t tamper with before it gets uploaded. So, I’m wondering when the Expo FileSystem API might add more directories, particularly the ones that I specified above?

@nikki is it possible to add support for accessing another FS directory, maybe something like dataDirectory? Or are there complications with providing that today?

This seems desirable, created an issue to track it at https://github.com/expo/expo/issues/481

I second the need for this. We’re trying to save some data in our old Cordova app so it can be restored by a new React Native version on first load, but with both the FileSystem and SQLite Expo API’s, I can only open files in a few specific directories created by the Expo app.