When will Expo be updated to React Native 0.71?

I’m new to React Native and I need a gap style property in my app. It’s supported since React Native 0.71, which has been released almost 3 weeks ago. Shouldn’t Create Expo App tool be up to date with React Native? When is the release with 0.71 planned and before that, can I use 0.71 now with it? (I’ve seen that it’s already in use in main branch)

Each expo SDK have a specific fixed version of react-native attached to it, after SDK is realeased we sometimes update it with parch releases, but major versions are never updated within the same SDK.

React native in managed expo app most likely will be updated to whatever is on main when new SDK is released.

You can of course update React Native to whatever version you want, but there is no guarantee that it will work.

Cześć Wojciech, thanks. That’s some valuable input. And is there any planned next release schedule?


This is just a guess. I do not have any inside info.

There is not yet an sdk-48 branch in the expo/expo repository.
Based on recent releases I expect they will release a beta version a week or two before the final version.

I would guess we could expect Expo SDK 48 some time between the middle of this month and the end of next month.

EDIT: It looks like the sdk-48 branch was created around or after 2023-02-07 00:00 UTC

Expo SDK 48 Beta has been released:

SDK 48 beta includes React Native 0.71.2 (the latest stable release at the time of writing).