When I switch the language on my phone, everything changes expo

I have an Expo app
The application used the Arabic language by it
When I switch the language on my phone, everything changes
The phone uses the English language, but when I switch to Arabic
Everything inside the app changes

This happens on all screens within the app
Can anyone help me solve this?

Hi. Could you please show more screenshots of what you expect vs. what actually happens and maybe try to explain it again, because based on your description and screenshot I have no idea what is actually the problem. What does “Everything inside the app changes” mean? What exactly changes? In what way does it change? What should happen instead? etc.

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sorry for that
But I tried for the first time to explain the problem to upload more than one picture, but it was not accepted because it was my first post
I will accompany you to the rest of the photos

This is what I expect
But when changing the language from inside the phone, it happens as it happens in the image installed in the post

OK so could you show the code that displays the top two lines of text including their styles?

If I understand correctly the problem is as follows. Please correct or clarify if I have not explained it correctly:

Steps to reproduce:

  • Display some Arabic text using the following code and styles (insert code + styles here)
  • Make sure the phone’s language is set to English
  • Open the app
  • Switch the phone’s language to Arabic

What I expect:

  • The Arabic text should be right aligned

What actually happens:

  • The Arabic text is left aligned
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Yes, you understand what is meant
Here are some pictures of the code

I also want to draw your attention that the entire application reflects the alignment when converting
Bottom Navigation has also reflected when converting to Arabic
But this causes problems for the app, what should I do?

Hi. It is best to post code as text, but post it like this, so that the forums do not mess up the quotation marks:


Then we can cut and paste the code and try it ourselves. Even better if you can create a small Snack that demonstrates the problem.

The easier it is for someone else to see the problem for themselves in a simplified version of your app, the higher the chances of someone finding a solution.