When i create build with eas build command then its give me the following error. I don,t know why but i am stuck from 2 days any help will be appreciated.

Hi @foundrynetworkservic, before building the EAS Build, does your project has native (android & `ios) directories? Also, can you share the EAS Build link where you are seeing this error? (Note that, sharing a build link will only be accessible to Expo team members).

No my app does not include ios and android directories

below is the link of the build

Reproducing it on my end the build fails when installing 44.2.1 version of the expo-cached-image package (which is listed in your project’s dependencies) since it uses expo-file-system as a peer dependency with an older version that isn’t compatible with Expo SDK 47. I’d suggest upgrading the expo-cached-image package to the latest version.

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In the xcode logs at the end there is a real error

error: Provisioning profile "bumba academy profile" doesn't include the aps-environment entitlement

You need to enable push notfications in your app id and generate new provisioning profile. I assume that you created that profile on your own, is that correct? If you let EAS CLI generate it for you it would add that entitlement on it’s own.

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Yes I create provisioning profile by my own because i was not able to login on apple id while creating build

I update the package but still the same error.

after 2 days stuck on it. finally my problem solve with this solution. thank you so much wkozyra

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