When can we expect SDK 43?

I am waiting for a bugfix that should be shipped with expo SDK 43. Here is the issue: [image-picker][android] Crash in standalone app upon `launchCameraAsync` with `allowsEditing = true` · Issue #13822 · expo/expo · GitHub. This was back in July, I was wondering when this code might be shipped? it’s central to the functionality of our live app.

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They’ve been releasing a new SDK version every three months for the last while. So should be the end of this month.

As it says here:

A new version of the Expo SDK is released every three months (four releases per year, one per quarter - end of March, end of June, end of September, and end of December).


:grin: Great thanks

By the way, have you tried EAS Build to see if that fixes this issue?

No I’m not familiar with EAS, from this page EAS Build - Expo Documentation it looks like expo providing cloud services? If it uses the same codebase and the bugfix isnt pulled yet how could it help?

EAS Build is a new way of building Expo apps using Expo’s build servers. (There’s also a way to build on your own machine if you want to do that). My understanding is that it will replace expo build:android and expo build:ios at some point. So basically Expo has some servers in the cloud that are used when you run expo build:* and they have some other servers in the cloud that are used when you call eas build. That’s where the “cloud service” comes in.

It has a number of benefits:

  • Smaller app size (because it only compiles in the code you specify in your dependencies. e.g. If you don’t need a face detector in your app that code will not be compiled in.)
  • You can include custom native code that is not included in the Expo SDK. e.g. if you want to use Bluetooth or NFC or react-native-fast-image, etc. you can now use it in a managed Expo app, whereas in the past you would have to eject.(*)

(*) In order to use custom native code you might need to write a config plugin if the authors of the library you want to use have not written one for you.

Regarding this particular bug, I think it might be specific to some part of the Expo code called “ExpoView” which is used when building with expo build:* but is not used when building with eas build.


Oh that sounds great, is it a part of their free services?
Oh I just saw

While EAS Build is in preview, it is available only to EAS Priority Plan subscribers. Once it graduates from preview it will become more broadly available. The first month of the Priority Plan is free, and you can cancel any time.

I’m not sure where exactly you saw the above. The slightly different wording I’ve seen (from their pricing page) is as follows:

After graduating from preview, these services will be available under the free plan. Service usage limitations under each plan will apply and are to be determined (eg: build concurrencies, number of updates per billing period).

See also Running builds on your own infrastructure - Expo Documentation

Oh, so we can do the EAS build you are referring to locally without paying the subscription fee?

The normal “EAS Build” service is currently something you have to pay for. They do intend to have a “free tier” in future. But yes, you can also build locally on your own machine for free.

For building iOS apps locally you will need a Mac.
For building Android apps, you should in theory be able to do it on any OS that can run a current version of Android Studio.

They currently have a free for one month tier. So, you don’t necessarily have to pay for “EAS Build”.


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