What's wrong with my simple app?

Hi, this is a really, super simple (and anti-pattern in many ways) app that i created many months ago.
I decided to distribute it as it is to show the use of Google DistanceMatrix API.

This doesn’t work.

The same code is ok with "React Native init "

What am i missing ? Thanks.


When I tried to load your Snack I got an error about the native-base package. Have you tried using a full Expo project instead of Snack? Or not using native-base?

Hi Victor,

Thanks so much for sharing!

Your snack is loading for me :expressionless:
I think you just need to declare all of your variables: JoeDistance - Snack
Sorry the error message isn’t more informative!

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thanks thetc.

Seems the error was caused by yeah…variables. Strange it works with rn init. Maybe it’s a babel/transpiler difference in config.

Anyway, thanks again, i’m happy now :slight_smile:

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