Whats the future of unsupported SDKs in Bare workflow

Whats the future of below unsupported SDKs in Bare workflow ?

We want to use Apploading, Auth session, splash screen in the bare workflow , whats the solution since the project has been ejected from managed to bare workflow, now everything broken.

It would probably be a good idea to post a feature request here. Just search first to see if there are already ones you can upvote.

The Expo team have been migrating code out of the expo package over time. I think they are concentrating on upgrading React Native in SDK 36, so I don’t know if they will extract anything else into their own packages for SDK 36, but at least you can see that they do generally do a few every SDK version:

e.g. compare these:

SDK 31
SDK 32
SDK 33
SDK 34
SDK 35

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