What's the difference between the Refresh and Reload options in the dev menu?

Before someone comments that I didnt searched enough, my answer: I did.

If you can find that please send me the link and feel free to delete my post here.

Hi there!

TL;DR use Reload when developing and making simple JS changes, as it’s faster. Use Refresh in production or if you made configuration changes to app.json.

Reload is only available while you are developing your app. It simply asks your existing React Native packager for a new copy of your app’s JS bundle. So it will only pick up JS changes, and only while your same packager (in XDE or exp) is still running.

Refresh is always available, even in production. It re-downloads the Expo manifest describing your app, then loads the JS bundle from that manifest. So if you made changes to your app.json configuration, or republished your app, those changes will be reflected here.

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Thanks Ben,
Sometimes the whole expo thing doesn’t update the files it keep on logging the old log messages and I’d have to quit and refresh the whole shabang …