What's the diff between expo-updates releaseChannel & expo-constants releaseChannel?

  1. SDK Version: 41
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android+iOS

What’s the diff between these 2 ways to obtain releaseChannel? They seem to provide the same value anyways?

import { releaseChannel } from 'expo-updates'


import Constants from 'expo-constants'
const releaseChannel = Constants.manifest.releaseChannel

THAT SAID from EAS build doc, regarding releaseChannel property, it says:

If you do not use expo-updates in your project then this property will have no effect.

Does this mean if I use expo-constants to fetch releaseChannel, it won’t work for eas build?

See also the following section from the EAS docs:

Constants.manifest does not include update related fields until updated

Given that we no longer publish the app prior to builds, there is no update manifest available until the app has download an over-the-air update. Usually this means that at least for the first launch of the app you won’t have some fields available. If you are using Constants.manifest to access update fields, in particular Constants.manifest.releaseChannel , you should switch to Updates.releaseChannel instead.

Awesome, I guess that kinda answers the Q, thank you!!

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