Whats is icon property expect me to put in it (in local notifications)

Hello. So I was doing a local notification as the docs tell me to do https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/sdk/notifications/#localnotification.
So for a local notification, you can do a schedulenotification, and for Android-only, the docs says that I can add an Icon.
But for some reason the path of the image makes the app to crash. Is my path right? (I think the require makes it crash, but otherwise it doesnt detect the path)

I have already resized the image to 25x25, tried with png and jpg, still happen

It crashes at the moment of the app to show the local notification.!

Whats an example of a path I could add there? Is this a problem with my code or some bug with the library?

Edit: Also Tried with an < Image >, didnt work (throws some c++ exception)
and with
import iconoNotificacion from ‘…/…/images/TipoUsuario/imgFacebook.png’
and then calling it in the icon section, didnt worked neither

icon: ‘…/…/images/TipoUsuario/imgFacebook.png’, crashes too.

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