What/where is the manifest?

The upgrade instructions at https://gist.github.com/janicduplessis/30ec95451733d34ffcf7d5cb27ba0e28 say…

“Add assetBundlePatterns to your manifest”

What is my manifest? I have tried googling for it, and I see many references to “manifest” but none that explain where the file is.


PS – This documentation re: the manifest does not say what or where the manifest is: https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/guides/how-expo-works.html#expo-manifest

hi! this is referring to app.json - https://docs.expo.io/versions/v28.0.0/workflow/configuration#assetbundlepatterns


Manifest = app.json, like infoPlist in XCode

If what the two of you are saying is true, then the documentation is misleading.

Doesn’t the following mean that the manifest and app.json can’t possibly be the same thing:
“The following is an example of a manifest being served through XDE. The first thing that you should notice is there are a lot of identical fields to app.json”

Why doesn’t the documentation just clearly state that app.json is the manifest, rather than stating that app.json has the same fields that appear in the manifest, which makes it sound like they are two different things.

I think that the Expo is great idea and perfect teks, but it still up-to-date, for me expo documentation sometimes terrible. We don’t have clearly understanding how expo works, we don’t have nfc/bluetooth-support and even we can’t write our modules without detaching.

But anyway the Expo still the best quick solution for both platform, and in 1-2 years all problems could be solved, it’s historical time

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