What to do after reset of Google Play upload key

Hi, I recently took over an app that has been dormant. The keystore is lost. I had Google reset the upload key. They sent back new upload finger prints which were the MD5 and SHA1 keys.

I have tried to figure out what I do to get eas build to work but I cannot build a proper keystore using the information I have. I downloaded the upload_cert.der from google. I tried to create a keystore by importing the certificate. It seemed to be fine but I was unable to create the alias. I tried downloading the credentials in my expo account and importing the certificate then deleting the old entry but still ran into not being able to create the alias. I am new at this. I have read everything I can find but nothing seems to even relate to the situation I am in. So it makes no sense to me. I have to believe its easier than I am making.

I have done some development internal releases. That has been ok, but cannot get a production release through eas. Can you point me to the right docs? In particular how do I use what google game me to get eas working.

I appreciate a quick response as I am unable to move forward.

My key tool -list shows same SHA1 as google
The expo:android:hashes is different
I tried to upload my keystore but eas has a problem with the alias. I actually don’t know how to set the alias since key tool won’t let me set it on import.

Managed app
I am on expo 5.4.3 was eas-cli/0.52.0 darwin-x64 node-v16.13.2

I fired of another build after clearing credentials. the build failed with the following:

Failed to read key mykey from store “/tmp/turtle/keystore-04b79e31-4beb-469a-9ebd-c5aa71dba71f.jks”: trusted certificate entries are not password-protected

my store does not have mykey anymore. The key is ewaupload.

Paul Rutherford

It’s not really clear what you did here, it’s not how the reset process works.

Normally reset process looks like this:

  • you need to generate new keystore(or just download the one eas-cli generated for you)
  • extract pem file from keystore(instructions are easily googlable plus you can find them directly in play console in app signing section)
  • contact google support to reset your certs and send them that pem file
  • after it takes an effect the Keystore you used to generate the pem file will become valid and you can submit stuff you build using that Keystore

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