What’s the next step?

I’ve built the .aab file and I want to run it, what’s the next step I only have Expo Go on my iPhone and a play store aacount.
What should I do to run the file ,
What android emulator is suitable for me to test?
If I successfully installed th emulator how would my code be updated every time I change something.
Is there something to learn in this step?
Thanks for your time
I appreciate the community support

Hi @anasbouziane,

Expo Go is used for testing a project when it is in development, however, if your project contains native libraries (I’m assuming you app uses react-native-google-mobile-ads as per one of your previous questions), you’ll need to create development build. To test the that build on Android and iOS I’d recommend checking running development builds on devices: Create development builds - Expo Documentation. A development build is also like creating a custom version of Expo Go app that is unique to your project’s dependencies.

The .aab file is optimized for distribution to the Google Play Store, but AABs can’t be installed directly on your device. To install a build directly to your Android device or emulator, you need to build an Android Package (APK/.apk) instead.

Apart from the above link on creating development builds, I’d also suggest checking the following links to understand better how development builds can be run for testing:

Following the above links should provide you the way to test and run on different platforms whether its a device or an emulator/simulator.

You can use any android emulator available.

To see code changes, you’ll need to create a development build and not a production file format (for example, for Android, you’ll need to create .apk instead of .aab).

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I appreciate your help, Thanks a lot Aman
You’re the best

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