What logcat tag to filter for?

I’m building my first React Native app and want to know what tag I can use in order to filter the logcat and see only messages related to my app.

"adb logcat | grep ’ expo’ " (on Linux) produces only messages with “exported”.

"adb logcat | grep ’ my-app-name ’ " produces no output.

Then I found ‘ReactNativeJS’.

So “adb logcat ReactNativeJS:* *:S” produces some output but I can’t tell if any of it is related to my app.

So what filter can I use to view my app’s log messages?

Hi there, if you’re using create-react-native-app or exp, your app’s log messages should appear alongside the React Native packager output in your terminal. If you need to use adb, exp-specific messages will be prefixed by [exp]. Messages you generate yourself with console.* can have whatever identifying feature you decide.

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