What is the sourceID parameter for creating an OS calendar?

I am trying to create an OS calendar through my app to allow users to bring the app’s calendar to their default calendar (iCal for ios). There is a required parameter called “sourceID” in the function Calendar.createCalendarAsync(details) in the expo docs.

I followed the advice of this stack overflow question to get the correct sourceID of the device.

However, I still receive the error that the “Calendar has no source”.

If anyone knows anything I could try please let me know.

My code to create the calendar is this:

const iCalID = await Calendar.createCalendarAsync({
      title: 'Ahead',
      color: colors.mainRed,
      entityType: Calendar.EntityTypes.EVENT,
      sourceID: this.props.iCalSourceID

and in my case this.props.iCalSourceID is this: AB55FD7A-A77F-4285-BBA4-C7CD92128A5A

Can anyone please help with what I am doing wrong? By all accounts, it looks like I am doing it right. I know on expo’s github for calendar they grab it by finding the “default” calendar but I don’t believe that exists anymore, and when I print out all of the calendars there is nothing that resembles what they used to find the sourceID.

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