What is the proper way to upgrade Expo SDK into production?

I recently made a big upgrade from Expo 30 to 33.
I have a live app in production on the App Store running Expo 30.
I have a built app I am trying to upload with Expo 33.
I have detached to ExpoKit.

I had 1 release channel:

  • default (production) - Expo 30

When I uploaded my new build with Expo 33, I got some notice that prevented by app from appearing like “client is on 30, this copy of Expo requires 33”, so I created another release channel staging and now have:

  • default (production) - Expo 30
  • staging

So for my next build, I changed my EXShell.plist to staging and uploaded that build and published it, and it worked as expected.

  • staging - Expo 33

Now I change my Expo 33 EXShell.plist back to default, expecting it to break or something cause it’s pointing to the wrong channel, but I still see what appears to be the staging channel with all of my new changes.

  • default (production) - Expo 30 → staging - Expo 33???

I didn’t make many code changes, but I made a bunch of package.json and Podfile changes. So I was expecting it to crash or something because e.g. using Firebase iOS SDK 6.14.0 (Podfile that gets built) with react-native-firebase 0.8 (package.json that gets published) is not compatible.

This has me really confused, so now I’m not sure what the best way to upgrade is.

Nevermind. I gave it some time and it seems the default ended up on Expo 30 with the error as expected.

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