What is the preferred terminal for "expo build" on Windows 10

I notice that the expo-cli commands can be run on a PC/Windows 10 machine from either the Cmd prompt C:\ terminal or a bash terminal. For the “expo build:ios -c” command, I notice that the behavior and output messages are somewhat different between running it in the Cmd prompt terminal vs the bash terminal. Is there a preferred terminal for running the expo build command? Thanks!

Hey @surven,

We don’t have an official recommendation but for now I would say probably Bash (WSL, not to be confused with Git Bash, which has many issues) is best supported.


Thanks, Adam! Good to know!

I have come to the same conclusion based on my limited testing. Git bash seems to have issues and Bash (WSL) or the Windows Cmd prompt C:\ terminal seem to work better for the build.

I am using vscode and it was convenient using git bash inside that for many of the initial expo software development and testing commands (such as expo start to connect and initially test code on my iPhone) but looks like I will need to jump out of that to do the final build.


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