What is the Difference between running react native code on Web Browser and Expo GO?

I am running React Native Code on the Web browser and in Expo Go. In the web browser, it runs fine without any error but in Expo Go, it is not importing even a single module and showing module not found error again and again on almost all modules even after reinstalling them and also reinstalling node_modules.

Can anyone tell what’s the difference between running react-native code on Expo Go and Web Browser?

Also what is this issue and how to solve it?

Hey @kashif571, I’m sorry but I’m not exactly following what is going on here. Can you share a minimal code reproduction case of this and tell me what commands to run/steps to take to reproduce what you’re experiencing?


@adamjnav I am installing Packages with npm install package_name and then run App with npm start. After this, Sometimes it runs fine on all Platforms but sometimes it gives a module not found error on Expo GO App on each and every module even after reinstalling all modules even and sometimes completely redeveloping the App. Right now it’s working fine with me after redeveloping the app more than 4 times.