What is the best practice for creating push notification certificate?

  1. SDK Version: Whatever
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android/iOS

Hi. I am new with push notifications and I would like to know what could it be the best practice for creating a key certificate. Obiously, this certifcate has to be expired any time, so:

  1. should I create a push notification certiificate only once per device and this should be when the user register it self at the first time in the app like a new user?
  2. Or should I to create a new certificate everytime the user close and open a session?
  3. Where must I control expired certificates because users could not be receiveing notifys
  4. What is the expring time for a certificate.

Thanks for your help.

Hey @aexelm,

I would recommend reading our section on this from our docs: https://docs.expo.io/push-notifications/push-notifications-setup/#credentials

You’ll want to use a Push Notification Key (PNK) rather than push certs. PNKs don’t expire like certs do.


Thanks Adam. I am closer to understand alnost everything. ;}.

But, now I have another important question.
I’ve reached to run perfectly notifications in developement mode. I mean everything is working fine with expo app on real device. But when I build the apk it seems not working when try to get the token key. I am not sure because once built the apks, I can’t make a debbug.

I 've upgraded SDK version to 39.0.0
And the last expp cli
For now, i am just deploying for Android
I ve registered on FBC my app for android and its supposed everything was ok, but I dont know if I 'm missing something else.
OHH… I run expo certifcate:manage too and registered a key found in a json provided by FBC registering.

Any help will be gratefull…

Thanks a lot.

Pda. Sorry for my english

Hey @aexelm,

Can you let me know what FBC is? When dealing with Android notifications, you want to make sure you have configured and enabled FCM.


Ohh thanks Alan. You let me know I was doing wrong. You’re right, what I need it to follow was FCM settings on related.

Following through the link above I made everything necesary. And now everythings working wonderful on built.

Thanks a lot for your guidance!!

Regards Exel.

Happy to be of some assistance. Best of luck moving forward with your project!

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