What is a good workflow/setup for dev/staging/production?

Right now I just have a const that holds a string (dev, staging, production) which is used in the JS for things like deciding the graphql url endpoint for apollo-client (e.g. myapp.com/graphql vs staging.myapp.com/graphql)

But is there a smooth way to publish to a staging URL (so clients can test new features), and then publish the same directory to production. Right now I only see options like managing it via what github branch you’re on, or by manually going into app.json and changing the app name, or stuff like this, or two local directories tied to the same github repo. Not the worst thing ever, but I figured I’d see what others are doing.

@peterpme made a system that seemed to work pretty well and wrote about it. i can’t seem to find the link right now for some reason though.

also, are working on a way to do release channels. @quinlanj is working on it. she can try to make sure it solves use cases like yours.

Hey @arcomito, check out:

Next feature on my list is a list of releases. We move a little too quickly at times and forget what we’ve released to to our beta testers :blush: