What happens if push notification's receipt is not yet created

I want to send expo push notifications from my back-end to my mobile devices, I read in the docs that when I send push notifications request I get a ticket with receipt ID, so I can query the receipt later.

However, the docs does not say what would happen if I ask for the receipt before expo handled my push notification.

Does the call stay stale until the receipt is created ? or does it respond with some kind of error or message to indicate that the receipt was not yet create ?

How does expo handles this case and what is the behavior of the node-sdk in this case ?

If there’s no receipt — either because the notification wasn’t sent yet or because the receipt was cleared after 24 hours — the receipt will just be missing from the network response. There’s no special error.

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So if I sent a push notification to expo server and the server was overloaded and took say 30 minutes to send the notification, now if I queried the receipt before those 30 minutes passed, I would get an empty response ?

If this is true, I will need to save the ticket and query for the receipt later, am I right ?

Yes, that’s correct. The simplest approach is to check the receipt, say, an hour later.

Ok, things are clear now. Thank you @ide :smile:

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