What does "unlisted" privacy mean exactly?

My understanding is if in my exp.json file I have “privacy”: “unlisted” no one will be able to find my Expo project. In that case, when I hit publish it still warns me that the project will be publicly available, which is wrong, no?

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It’s similar to an unlisted video on YouTube. If someone knows the URL, they can load it. But the URL won’t be listed anywhere so it will only be found by people you share it with.

If a project was public and you change it to unlisted and publish it again, is it supposed to make the project unsearchable or can it not be undone? I tried this a couple of weeks ago but my project is still visible in search.

Edit: found the answer in the ‘How do I unpublish a project once I have published it’ topic.

Yes it should. I think we had a bug that wouldn’t reset our search index in some cases but that should be fixed. Let me know if you find otherwise!

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Works now. Thanks for the help.

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Just to clarify, the “privacy” field in app.json is for Expo experience listing and not upon app/play store listing.

I see.
if you don’t want your project to be indexed you’ll want to set that to "unlisted’.
You can read about it
here: https://docs.expo.io/versions/v30.0.0/workflow/configuration#privacy.