What does "This API only works with standalone builds created with exp build." mean?

How would develop the app if it only works with standalone apps?


Does it mean that I can develop the functionality using the expo client but if i eject from expo it stops working?


Can you provide more context? What are you referring to?




Its at the top of the page

Hi @omorhefere!

If you’re using XDE, you’ll need to install and use exp instead. Your question should then be answered by sections 4 and 5 of this page of our docs:

Let us know if you still have questions!

Thank you but that wasn’t the problem. I know how to build the app.

I am just confused by the statement “This API only works with standalone builds created with exp build.”

Does this mean that I cannot test it to see if it works before building a standalone app OR does it mean that it won’t work when you eject from expo and use expo kit?

Oh, I’m sorry for saying what you already knew! Yes, you’ll need to build a standalone app in order to test the API.

oh, thank you very much

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No problem! Sorry again for the bad first answer :slight_smile: Have fun building!

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