What do look for when fast gestures break animations? Reanimated + Gesture-Handler

I have recently tried my first project with react-native-reanimated and react-native-gesture-handler. I wanted to implement a drag and sort (similar to this one [1]), but with elements of different heights.

My code is now at a stage where everything works well when using gestures at moderate speed, however, if I move quickly, things break. It looks like some order steps are skipped:

Since everything runs smoothly when gestures are performed at moderate speed, I have no clue what to check. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

You can find my component here:
github: components MovableElementContainer, MovableElementContainerConfig, MovableElementContainerUtil and MovableElement

This is a repost form a github discussion [2] without any answer so far.

[1] : I can’t post the link, because I am a new user. Goto YouTube Channel “Evening Kid” video multiple drag and sort list in reanimated 2
[2]: I can’t post the link, because I am a new user. Goto github either reanimated or gesture-handler repo and then discussion.

Still looking for help. Any suggestions are very welcome.