What are the most common reasons for an expo and / or react native app to be rejected by the app store?

As the title said , I just wanted to know, what are the most common reasons for an expo and / or react native app to be rejected by the app store. I know expo has great documentation on the necessary requirements for the app store but what are the error you ran into.


@ben the best iOS dev I know pointed out that this list exists in the docs: https://docs.expo.io/versions/v26.0.0/distribution/app-stores#common-app-rejections

This is a good thread, I’ve posted tons of apps and here are some reasons I’ve been rejected :sweat_smile::smile:

This stuff isn’t completely related to Expo. But because Expo is so easy sometimes you do ridiculous stuff because yolozz :sunglasses::full_moon_with_face:

  • Make sure to add a description of what your permission does!!
  • If the app feels incomplete or you write “beta” somewhere in the itunes metadata
  • If the layout doesn’t make sense on iPad
  • inappropriate content - specifically writing “booty” anywhere :disappointed:
  • In regards to gaming: some clones are ok, just make sure to alter the art, if it’s too close to other game art it’ll be rejected. I did a minecraft clone with the default texture pack and that held it back
  • Make sure your screenshots can be found in the app, I’ve made open world games and more obscure things were in the screenshots so it was rejected :{
  • If you use Facebook stuff make sure you go through their review process first - they are a little more lenient. But if there is sign-in the apple people will try to sign-in and it won’t work
  • I find that it is best to have the version of the app you want reviewed, already posted before starting the review. There have been times where I have pushed fixes but then in the rejection they will send screen shots of the first version - not sure how this works since it takes them like a week to get back :woman_shrugging:

If anyone has anything else they should add too <33


If your app contains any user-generated content, make sure you have some type of reporting/flagging system in place. Even something as simple as having display names and profile pictures that users can change, make sure you have something in place for users to report offensive/inappropriate content. You can also be more proactive and use libraries like bad-words and image-magick to prevent inappropriate words or images being displayed in your app. I was so excited to get my first app in the app store that I completely forgot about it.


So I’ve just resubmitted my app after rejection for the Metadata. My screenshots which were enclosed in a phone’s body for style was apparently more like an android and thus it was rejected. I later learned mentioning any other platforms or referencing to a third party platforms is a big no no.

Also note: I was saved by a friend , if your app was rejected for discrepancies in the Metadata don’t press Submit for Review. Just reply to them in the resolution center.

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