what android permissions are required for notifications

i have tried eas build and the classic build system and neither build adds the necessary android permissions for notifications. i don’t know what those permissions are, i just know that when i run the app, it does not ask me for notification permission. Since the builds are not adding the right permissions, which permissions do i need to add manually? I have followed the FCM setup guide and my app works correctly on iOS, but on android, it does not ask for notification permission, so i need to add them manually. Also, i do not currently have an android permissions section in my app.json, which is supposed to add all permissions, but it’s not.

Hey @blyler, what type of project are you building? Also, can you share the relevant version numbers involved here (packages, Android OS, etc).

As for the required permissions on Android, you can see them here in the docs.

@adamjnav my project uses expo SDK 44.0.0, EAS-CLI 0.46.0, expo-notifications 0.14.0. As far as the “type” of project, it uses Redux for state management and has a bottom tab navigation with 2 main screens and uses TweetNACl for encrypted messaging. I’m using Android 10.

@adamjnav also, when i look at the app bundle explorer in google play console, it shows my app does have “android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED” but it still doesn’t ask for notification permission when I run it.

Have you managed to resolve this issue? i have the same behavior and I need an alert with asking for notification permission as well