WebView with Vimeo source Android problem

Hello all, I’ve got an issue with WebView containing Vimeo source on Android. In previous version of application (using Expo v.32) I had a structure like this:

<View style={styles.webViewWrapper}>
   <WebView style={styles.movieView}
            source={{uri: videoUri}} />  // vimeo video

with styles:

webViewWrapper: { flex: 1,  width: '100%' },
    movieView: {backgroundColor: 'black' },

And the video was rotating after pressing Play and it was displayed full screen in landscape mode.

I’ve changed Expo to v. 35 and it starts to behave unexpectedly after publishing to Google Play - I mean it is rotating but it’s not displaying full screen. It’s cut like the app take device’s width for height and vice versa. Locally it behaves well.
There’s picture with views comparison:

Except new Expo version, i’ve also changed import of WebView (now it’s imported from react-native-webview, not from react-native) and that’s all.

Any idea how to fix it?