Webview android uploading image deadend

Is there any hope that there will be a WebView update that will support file uploading for Android?

I have been strugling with it in the past two weeks but I realized that I have come to a deadend.
I really wonder how this can be possible. This is a known issue for years and it keeps going on update after update. This is no extra feature. This is a known problem.

All the solutions that I have found do not apply for Expo because they have extra native code and require the application to be ejected. However, in this case you lose all the Expo benefits.

Is there any suggestion from the Expo team on how to deal with it?
We are in a way adviced to stick to the Expo framework since it covers everything we need but how about this case?
I have a project that is stuck because of it and I am really desperate.

Any useful advice that would get me out of this deadend would be really appreciated.


Hey @vasilios,

I think the best course of action here would be to raise this on the repo for RN’s Webview https://github.com/react-native-community/react-native-webview which is currently being maintained by InfiniteRed. They would have the best insight with regards to when or if this functionality is planned to land.



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