Websocket Android error sdk 28.0.1


I have a fully built detached app running on sdk 28.0.1 that works flawlessly in production for IOS but for android will sporadically receive the error:

Uncaught Error: WebSocketModule.close got 1 arguments, expected 3

and then crash unexpectedly.

I’ve searched react-native/issues on github and was suggested to use sdk 28.0.1 over 28.0.0 as the latest version contained a commit that fixed this bug, however the error is still persisting. Do we have any updates on this bug? Should I be posting this in the react-native/github issuses page? I would say the bug is a high priority as android is currently unusable.

related upstream issue: https://github.com/facebook/react-native/issues/18696

@notbrent The issue you linked is closed and the highest upvoted comment suggests to install react native ^0.55.3 to fix the problem. However, the sdk I’m currently using is expo sdk 28.0.1, which uses react native 0.55.4 and the bug is still presenting itself…

If anyone one else is having this issue, I resolved it by rm -rf node_modules and then running exp publish afterwards. It seems that exp still had version 28.0.0 cached from the node_modules

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