webpack Dev Server Invalid Options

Hey guys

I’ve been trying to use React Native SVG Transformer so I can import an SVG file ( GitHub - kristerkari/react-native-svg-transformer: Import SVG files in your React Native project the same way that you would in a Web application. ) which is working great on iOS / Android, but throws a big nasty error on web. I read that I may need to modify the webpack.config.js file. So I followed the docs by running expo customize:web and selecting the appropriate file, but then, whenever I run expo start:web I get an error:

webpack Dev Server Invalid Options

options should NOT have additional properties

I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s going wrong. Any help is much appreciated. Not sure what is helpful here in terms of context, so let me know if you need anything and I’ll send it through.


Hi @matt_sandersweb, I had issues with following the linked solution, but by restarting several times, reinstalling my modules(rm -rf node_modules) I eventually got it to work.

More details can be found here

Thanks! I’ll give it a go. For now I ended up just creating SVG components instead of import a .svg.

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