WebBrowser.openBrowserAsync and target=_blank on iOS


We’ve run into a problem with our app, where links that are using target=_blank do not work on iOS. The flow of things is:

  • User loads our app
  • User clicks something in our app that uses WebBrowser.openBrowserAsync to load our website.
  • User clicks a target=_blank link on our website to load another website, which works fine
  • User clicks a target=_blank link on that other website, and nothing happens

I’ve tried several things, and it’s definitely the case that if a page was loaded via target=_blank, then any of its links that also use target=_blank will fail to work.

Has anybody else run into this? What did you do to solve the problem?

Linking.openURL works, but Apple rejected our app when we originally were using that so I’d prefer to stick with WebBrowser.openBrowserAsync if possible.

Is it possible to load our website with WebBrowser.openBrowserAsync, but then have our target=_blank links open in Safari (or whatever their default browser is)?

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