WebBrowser.get Custom Tabs Supporting Browsers result is undefined

how to use WebBrowser.getCustomTabsSupportingBrowsers?

let x = await WebBrowser.getCustomTabsSupportingBrowsers;


Are you trying to do it on a componentDidMount? I have the same problem, i just link to a button and it work

  checkClick = async () => {
        const bb = await WebBrowser.getCustomTabsSupportingBrowsersAsync()

<Button title='test' onPress={() => this.checkClick()} />

console this for me:

Object {
  "browserPackages": Array [
  "defaultBrowserPackage": null,
  "preferredBrowserPackage": "com.android.chrome",
  "servicePackages": Array [

yes you are right, i tried in componentDidMount.
but i dont understand why it returns value right now, even in componentDidMount.

i tried this function because i want to know chrome package name and check if it is installed, then i want open custom tab (openBrowserAsync) i chrome.
but i don’t find in Expo documentation how to do that.