WebBrowser does not work with detached app

import { Constants, WebBrowser } from ‘expo’;

WebBrowser.openBrowserAsync works within the expo app, but not with detached app. When I click the link on the detached app nothing happens. Need to restart app.

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is this on Android or iOS?

Seems to be both. I do not get an error on IOS, but in Android I get this error:

"Unable to find explicit activity class (com.x.x./host.exp.exponent.chrometabs.chrometabs ManagerActivity) Have you declared this activity in AndroidManifest.xml)

Same issue here.
After detached app, it works fine on iOS, but getting “Unable to find explicit activity class host.exp.exponent.chrometabs.ChromeTabsManagerActivity …” error on android.

any updates? get the same error in android devices.

Can you try adding


to your AndroidManifest?


@jesse thanks! that worked for me