WebBrowser.dismissBrowser() resolves before browser is closed

Hi there,
In my app, when a user clicks on a notification, I sometimes need to open the webbrowser to display the content.
If the browser is already open when the user clicks this notification, I get an error from WebBrowser.openBrowserAsync - ‘Another web browser is already being presented’.

To fix this, I try to call WebBrowser.dismissBrowser first, wait for this to resolve, then call WebBrowser.openBrowserAsync again, however this seems to get the same error.

I have been able to work around this by waiting for the WebBrowser.openBrowserAsync promise to resolve before re-opening the browser again, but it would be helpful if the dismissBrowser promise would only resolve once it was safe to re-open the browser.

Is what I am doing correct, is there is an easier way of changing the browser URL without closing / re-opening?

In case it makes any difference, I am using a detached app, SDK 29, and able to replicate this on iOS (haven’t tried Android yet but I can test there if its helpful)

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