Web3 lib in Expo Snack

Hi everyone,
I love Expo and already used it for several projects. For the most recent one, I am using the web3 lib and it works great. My only problem is that when I am trying to create a Snack to share an issue the web3 lib dependency (with Expo v44.0.0) is never added (cf below):
someone would know why?

Hey @iboxgithub, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve reproduced the issue on my end as well. Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of bandwidth to focus on Snack issues at this time so it may be a while before we can triage this one.


Hi @adamjnav,
thanks for your answer.
Now, is it possible to “sponsor” this issue to put it on the fast track?
Cause as I see it, a lot of people, myself included, from the crypto community need it really badly as it’s not just a UI lib, it’s mandatory to all the other crypto built on top of it :frowning:

thanks for your help

created the issue below to track progress

Hi @iboxgithub

Maybe one of the following companies can help:

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