Web build's Js chunks are way too heavy


I am building the web version of my mobile app and I am running into a huge size issue. When I run expo build:web, the bundled js chunk files, 2.xxxx.chunk.js and app.xxxx.chunk.js, weight respectively 1.7mb and 1mb, which seems to be way too much.

For reference, I built the previous version of this website using ReactJS without expo, and the same two files were at about 466kb and 849kb. When opening that version in production, the Network tab showed these chunks as less than 300kb each.

Is there anything I can do to reduce the size of these files?

This is on Expo sdk 39.

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Anyone who knows how to handle this? My page built with expo web is now 3mb+ of scripts. This is not sustainable.

Did no one else run into such a huge issue?

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