We having issue in production. IOS stopped working

Is there some environmental issue with the expo?
The app was working yesterday today it just quits on opening.

hi! this is likely a bug with your app. are you using an error reporting service like sentry to track errors? it might be useful

Yes. We get no sentry errors. The app just hard crashes on startup. It has been working fine for a while (over a year) and we haven’t released any new code since about a week ago. It is an enterprise app. We can’t install it even now. It downloads and then says installing but never completes and the icon doesn’t show. The strange thing is that all our channels are broken, prod and qa.

Found the problem. Our provisioning profile expired. Face palm!


How did you determine this, by the way?

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I just had a hunch that it was related to provisioning because we couldn’t install it. An interesting point is that now you had to answer questions about deployment numbers, mechanism and it mentions that provisioning profiles will be rejected without this information. So something to look out for.


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