Watchkit App Extension and EAS

I have an app in the Bare Workflow, and this app has a Watchkit extension target. It communicates with the React Native app using react-native-watch-connectivity.

AFAIK, normal procedure is that you add the Apple Watch extension to the existing project, which adds two targets to your Xcode project, and their bundle IDs are like this:


I’m not sure if this is required or just convention, but it works to build the app for the simulator and the device.

I want to publish this app to Testflight using EAS. When I run EAS, it stops with the following error message:

:heavy_multiplication_x: The bundle identifier com.mycompany.myproject.watchkitapp is not available to team “[MyCompany] (Company/Organization)” ([ID]), please change it in your app config and try again.
UnexpectedAppleResponse: An attribute in the provided entity has invalid value - An App ID with Identifier
‘com.mycompany.myproject.watchkitapp’ is not available. Please enter a different string.

When I try to create the com.mycompany.myproject.watchkitapp bundle ID online, it fails telling me this ID exists already. However it does not appear in the bundle ID list.

eas-cli/0.35.0 darwin-arm64 node-v17.0.1

It’s possible that your Apple Team owns the com.mycompany.myproject bundle identifier, but does not own com.mycompany.myproject.watchkitapp. That is, someone else has registered com.mycompany.myproject.watchkitapp.

After I restarted my mac, it seemed that changing the bundle ID to a new ID solved the initial problem. Then EAS built the iOS project fine, but I had other problems with

Now, everything is fine, thanks.